Specialised Renders

We have a wide range of specialised coatings and performance renders available to suit all property types and walls. Our trained staff have been applying our specialised renders to walls for the last 30 years helping to solve a variety of common wall problems. Universal painters understand that your property requires a weatherproofing maintenance free solution which protects the property from all weather conditions and enhances the appearance and increases the value of the property.

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Never paint again

Your property is your biggest investment so trust our professional team to provide a lasting service.

25+ Years Experience

We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective painting projects. Over 25 years of experience helps us to bring you great satisfaction with every job big or small.

Dulux Select Decorators

Our team members are Dulux select registered and also Linkd accredited.

Working with universal painters

Universal painters in the UK Since 1989

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Testimonials and Reviews

Totally reliable, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, competitively priced, non money grabbing guy, who offered up additional advice and suggestions and tried to save me money rather than get me to spend more.
I would totally recommend Gary and his colleague, his expertise extends beyond the job I booked him for and I was totally happy with all levels of communication. Incredibly trustworthy and may I say very patient with me.
I got a good vibe from this guy from the get go, rising damp / damp and all surrounding issues will be more than taken care of by Gary and he is true to his word. Result.

Brian Geary - 15th Mar, 2016
Brian Geary - 15th Mar, 2016

Efficient, quick, communication good. Very happy.

Gabriel Snapper - 14th Mar, 2016
Gabriel Snapper - 14th Mar, 2016

Gary was the first to offer his services and called me at the time as per my request . He arrived a little earlier than planned and didn't mess about with getting to work on my problem . He gave explanations regarding the issue reported and what he was doing to do to rectify it . He was efficient , clean , very personable and the price was as quoted during our telephone conversation . Gary also stated if there were any issues with the work he carried out he would return . I received my electronic copy of the guarantee by lunchtime as promised .

grant_979 - 8th Mar, 2016
grant_979 - 8th Mar, 2016

Great comms throughout. Gary is quick to respond to any queries and explains everything clearly.

On the day, the damp proofing job was carried out quickly and again everything was explained clearly. The team had time for all my questions and provided clear instructions so I know how to look after the repaired areas while they dry. Area was left clean and tidy, which is always a plus.

Would highly recommend Gary and his team.

palb - 7th Mar, 2016
palb - 7th Mar, 2016